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Robert Atkins

Robert Q. Atkins (born July 7, 1979) is an American comics artist. He attended Illinois State University, earning an undergraduate degree in fine art, and then went on to the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he earned an MFA in Sequential Art.

Robert Atkins has worked as a penciler, inker and colorist within the comic industry. His most recent work includes the penciling chores ABC's Castle for Marvel Comics. He is most known for his work on IDW's Snake Eyes and relaunch for GI JOE! Robert has also worked on Amazing Spider-man, Venom, Heroes for Hire, Ultimate Fantastic Four and The Savage She Hulk for Marvel comics. Other works include Legion of Superheroes for DC comics Snake Eyes:Declassified and Forgotten Realms for DDP. 

He is co-creating a series titled Elders of the RuneStone with writer Quinn Johnson (KungFu Panda, TMNT). Which is scheduled for release soon! 

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