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Darrin O'Toole

Darrin O’Toole is a writer from Dublin, Ireland. He received critical acclaim for his debut release, “Tales from the Void” and in 2012 received the runner up award in the prestigious Dundee Comics Prize for his work on “The Amazing Mr. X”. His one shot webcomic, “Perspective” was hailed by some of the comic industries top writers as one of the best stories of 2012 and has received over 10,000 reads to date.

His current releases include “Earthruler” and “Lady Babylon: An Occult Romance” via his DOT Comics imprint, “The Glimmer Man” for Atomic Diner, plus the stories “Pristine” which is part of Arcana’s “Steampunk Originals vol 2″ and “Singularity” which features in Markosia’s “British Showcase Anthology”.

Darrin is a regular speaker on the craft of writing comics at conventions and seminars. He cites Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Chris Claremont, Fabian Nicieza and Scott Lobdell plus the work of Philip K. Dick, Richard Matheson, William Goulding and George Orwell as major influences.