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Cryptic Street

The hottest new all-female band on the island, Cryptic Street is a band, made up of four friends; Leona (vocals) , Julia(Drum kit), Denise(keyboard), Janelle(guitar) and Cheyenne (bass) who simply love experimenting with different instruments and listening to all genres of music. One probably wouldn't be able to pin a specific genre to their sound since it is incorporates many different elements such as the weeping sound of the psychedelic era as well as the spark of indie and alternative rock.

The band is made up of a myriad of personalities of its members who have different personalities which compliment together to create music. 

Currently, the band is working on original songs, becoming better musicians individually, developing a distinctive style and releasing some original material this year.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, October 31

20:00 CET