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Susan Roman

For Susan Roman, working in the wacky, wonderful world of animation for most of her adult life has been a dream come true.  Let's be frank: some of her projects didn't exactly go on to become household names.  Piggsburg Pigs, with LA director Stu Rosen at the helm, comes to mind.  But it was during that series (recorded ensemble, which hardly ever happens anymore) that Mr. Rosen introduced the concept of the “key phrase”- possibly the best tool ever invented to keep a voice actor on track, and something which she has never forgotten.


She went on to play Champ Bear in the original Care Bear TV series;  Melissa Raccoon in The Raccoons;  the Berry Princess in Strawberry Shortcake Meets the Berrykins; James the red tank engine in Thomas and the Magic Railroad;  both Sara Lynn and Eddie in Fisher Price's Little People;  Tika in Barbie as the Island Princess;  Miss BG's mom in Miss BG – and, as Snowy the little white dog, she yipped and yapped her way through 43 episodes of Tin Tin.  She was also cast as the speaking voice of rocker Debbie Harry in the major motion picture, Rock & Rule – and in the cult classic, Heavy Metal, she played The Girl in the Harry Canyon Sequence.


She is best known as the voice of Sailor Jupiter in Sailor Moon –  which, she says, is her favorite character, by far...